An Emergency Meeting To The Government Of Basra To Discuss Environmental Pollution And Poisoning Cases In Basra

Basra, The local government of Basra discussed the environmental and health situation and the poisoning cases in the governorate because of water pollution.

An emergency meeting held in the building of the Office of the province in the presence of Basra Governor Asaad al-Eidani and his deputies and directors of service departments in the province to study the project of rehabilitation of sub-rivers and discuss the environmental and health situation and cases of poisoning and environmental pollution.

The Basra Health Department, confirmed that the rates of sterilization is zero in water liquefaction in more than 70% of the areas of the province.

The number of people infected with "poisoning" is 1500, in addition to ten thousand people with colic cases and vomiting without diarrhea.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency