SPA keeps pace with pilgrims’ journey to perform Hajj rituals and transmit them to the world 2 Mina

SPA with the approach of Hajj season mobilized all its media cadres to follow up the event step by step, as it formed an integrated team to work in Makkah and Holy sites in Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah comprising of 70 editors, photographers, technicians and administrators in addition to two offices in Makkah and Jeddah to transmit daily Hajj rituals through news and reports from governmental departments working in Hajj supported with photos and video clips documenting the services being provided for pilgrims.

Saudi Press Agency followed this trend and launched two icons on its website, the first dedicated to broadcast news in five languages about all details of Hajj , and the movements of pilgrims, and the second to broadcast professional photographs highlighting the scenes of Hajj .

This step comes within the efforts of "SPA" to highlight what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers to pilgrims of humanitarian and developmental services related to great projects in the Two Holy Mosques and the holy sites.

SPA is making use of all its potentials through a comprehensive media plan approved by the President of the Saudi Press Agency, Abdullah bin Fahd Al Hussain, to be implemented by 19 offices inside and outside the Kingdom, while the new media team in the "SPA" transmits these images on Twitter accounts: Arabic, English, French, Farsi, Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram, YouTube, and Telegram in Persian.

Source: Saudi Press Agency