Pilgrims urged to comply with Saudi instructions

Jeddah, Consul General of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Jeddah, Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Muslamani, affirmed readiness to overcome any difficulties facing the pilgrims of Bahrain and to assist them in times of emergency.

The consulate has been equipped at the headquarters of the mission of the Kingdom of Bahrain for Hajj in Mecca in order to follow closely the affairs of the Bahraini pilgrims and provide the consular services needed by the pilgrims of the Kingdom of Bahrain, he said.

He noted that the consulate will work around the clock to ensure the comfort of pilgrims, in addition to field follow-up to the needs of the Bahraini Hajj missions. He also called on Hajj pilgrims to adhere to the regulations issued by the Saudi authorities, which aim to ensure their safety during the pilgrimage season.

He further noted that the pilgrims coming through land ports should check their vehicle's readiness and pack everything they may need during their drive, and to adhere to the laws issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to avoid any violation that could hinder or prevent them from accessing the Holy Site.

Al-Muslamani also pointed out that the Saudi authorities stressed that pilgrims without a Hajj permit will not be allowed entry to the mosque, calling on the importance of abiding by the directives and instructions issued by the Saudi authorities. He further stressed that pilgrims need to have their Hajj permits and show them at the ports of Saudi Arabia and at the request of security personnel and official Saudi authorities responsible for Hajj if they were asked to. He also added that pilgrims need to remain patient, especially since this year is expected to be overly crowded given the noticeable increase in the region's weather.

He further called on the pilgrims to adhere to all the instructions issued by the Saudi government for the interest of pilgrims, wishing all the pilgrims a successful Hajj.

Al Muslamani expressed his gratitude for the Saudi government's great preparations for the Hajj seasons and the facilities they provide for pilgrims in general and for the pilgrims of the Kingdom of Bahrain in particular. He also appreciated the great efforts exerted by the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in serving the pilgrims and providing all kinds of services for them to perform Hajj easily, wishing the success of the pilgrimage season this year.

He further affirmed that when assistance is needed, the General Consulate invites all pilgrims of the Kingdom of Bahrain not to hesitate to contact the telephone numbers mentioned below and advises pilgrims to follow the "Hajj Travel Guidelines" issued by the General Consulate's account on Twitter.

Source: Bahrain News Agency