Several Iranian border guards injured in a clash with gunmen in western Iran

BAGHDAD, A number of Iranian border guards have been engaged in clashes with gunmen in western Iran.

"Iranian border guards in Bana district clashed with a hostile armed group on the road of a village belonging to the district, and no casualties were reported," the Governor of West Iran (Mohammad Falahi) said, according to /FARS /.

"A number of border guards were ambushed by a group of hostile elements during a patrol on the road of the village of Bulhasan in the border area," Falahi said.

"Four border policemen were wounded by heavy gunfire by hostile elements," he said.

"One of the border guards was lost during the clash, but he returned to the border headquarters safely," Falahi added.

"The area is under the control of the border guards completely after the clash broke out and the armed fighters fled," he said, without specifying where the gunmen had fled.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency