Jreissati meets private power generators’ owners

Caretaker Minister of Justice, Salim Jreissati, on Friday met with a delegation of the owners of Lebanon's private power generators, over the sector's condition and the relevant mandatory decision taken by the Ministry of Economy and Trade.

Speaking to reporters, Jreissati explained that today's meeting was held upon the request of Caretaker Ministers Cesar Abi Khalil (Energy) and Raed Khoury (Economy).

"During the meeting, I described the generators' sector as a de facto and illegitimate field; but I also said that it provides a vital public service, which is electricity. Therefore, and amid the effective laws, nobody can threat of power outage," he said, adding that there are legal solutions to the issue.

Moreover, he indicated that the Economy Minister's decision to install meters was effective and binding.

Source: National News Agency