Alaq Confirms Govt’s Endeavor To Strengthen Cooperation With Shell Oil Company To Promote Gas Production

Baghdad, Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi al-Alaq stressed the Iraqi government's efforts to strengthen cooperation with Shell Company to promote the production of gas in Iraq.

During his meeting with the delegation of the Director of Shell Oil Company / Iraq Branch/ Marcus Antonini, according to the statement of the Secretariat of Ministers, Alaq pointed "to provide all possible facilities for the company to overcome obstacles and challenges and create an environment conducive to move forward in the development of joint work.

He praised "the efforts made by the company and the recent progress in the production of gas, and stressing the importance of achieving the desired goals in line with the plans to develop the oil industry in the country."

He stressed that "providing support to oil companies will contribute to the rehabilitation of unemployed youth and their involvement in the fields of work available in oil companies within the vacancies that require technical skill.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency