Rahi meets Sayegh, Lebanese expatriate community in Africa

Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Rahi welcomed this morning at the Patriarchal Summer seat in Diman Kataeb Party Vice President, Dr. Salim Sayegh, accompanied by Politburo Majeed Al-Ayli.

On emerging, Sayegh said that they broached with the Patriarch educational and economic concerns, notably at the onset of the new scholastic year.

Sayegh also pointed out that the ruling class is dealing lightly with respect to the government formation issue.

Later, Patriarch Rahi met with a delegation from the Lebanese Maronite community in Africa, led by Archbishop Simon Faddoul. The delegation included a number of parish priests and bishops in Western and Central African countries, as well as consuls Toni al-Shaghouri and Joseph al-Hajj.

Welcoming the delegation in Lebanon, Patriarch Rahi wished the Lebanese emigrants all success in their endeavors.

Rahi hailed the delegation's presence in Lebanon as bringing "joy to their families."

Source: National News Agency