HM King thanks Arab Parliament

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa sent a letter of thanks to Arab Parliament Speaker Dr. Mishaal bin Fahm Al-Salami for the important resolution issued by the Arab Parliament on July 4 to confront politicised and false resolutions and statements issued by the European Parliament on human rights in Bahrain.

HM the King expressed high appreciation of the key role played by the Arab Parliament Speaker in boosting pan-Arab work and defending Arab interests. He also thanked the Arab Parliament for confronting the false and systematic reports issued by some regional organisations as well as the recent statement issued by the European Parliament on human rights in Bahrain. He commended the Arab Parliament's strong stances against the unacceptable interference in the kingdom's internal affairs, expressing deep appreciation of the Arab Parliament's support to Bahrain's security and stability.

The Arab Parliament Speaker underlined keenness on supporting Bahrain against all attempts targeting its security and stability, interfering in its internal affairs or meddling with its judicial verdicts. He affirmed that the repeated resolutions by the European Parliament are in breach of the principles of the European policy of neighbourhood as well as respect of countries' sovereignty and their right to choose their legal system and enforce justice within the framework of judicial autonomy. He also praised the Arab Parliament's rejection of the European Parliament's way of dealing with sensitive issues that contravene with the international commitment to fighting criminality by relying on misleading sources and false information without referring to the constitutional executive and legislative institutions in the Arab countries.

Dr. Al-Salami called on regional organisations and the European Parliament to adhere to the partnership principle that binds the Arab and European countries to preserve common interests. He also called on the European Parliament to review its stances regarding human rights in the Arab world through more procedures without relying on misleading information from tendentious parties amid current developments in the Arab countries. He pointed out attempts to target Bahrain's sovereignty, security and stability by terrorist groups that are backed by regional countries and groups to incite chaos and instability and undermine civil peace and stability in Bahrain and the Arab region.

Source: Bahrain News Agency