Ambassador of Azerbaijan visits North Lebanon Traders’ Association

The Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Lebanon, Agasalim Shukurov, visited this Friday the northern city of Tripoli, upon the invitation of the President of the North Lebanon Traders Association, Asaad Hariri, and delivered a word in which he stressed his country's keenness on bolstering trade exchange and investment with the North Lebanon region, and on creating a transit movement between our ports and the port of Tripoli.

In a speech delivered during a luncheon hosted in honor of the Ambassador of Azerbaijan, Hariri said:"

We meet today in the capital of the North in honour of the Ambassador of Azerbaijan.

Your Excellency,

Today we are honored to welcome you in our proud Northern region. Your visit carries huge significance, especially that it's your first to Akkar and Tripoli.

It is true that the Lebanese-Azeri relations are not long-standing ones; they began with the departure of a number of Lebanese youths to Azerbaijan. As for our diplomatic relations, they only date back to the early 1990s, specifically on September 18, 1992, when a protocol agreement was signed to establish diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Lebanon.

On February 1998, late martyr Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafic Hariri, paid an official visit to Azerbaijan in a bid to promote these relations.

Following the late Prime Minister's footsteps, we have invited you to Tripoli and the north with the aim of reviving and strengthening these relations, particularly at the economic level � in light of the weak economic and trade relations between both of our countries.

Our aim is to boost and develop economic ties and trade relations and to open cooperation horizons between the two countries; we seek to enhance cooperation prospects and to ensure new job opportunities for our youth.

In my name, and on behalf of the Association of North Lebanon Traders, I announce our desire to establish the Lebanon-Azerbaijan Friendship Association to document the existing relationship between between our countries.

I will not speak long, but allow me to offer His Excellency an honorary shield on behalf of North Lebanon Traders' Association.

Source: National News Agency