Habshi says Syrian refugee dossier garnering unanimous Lebanese support

The Syrian refugee dossier is garnering unanimous approval from all the Lebanese people, Deputy Antoine Habshi said in an interview with Orient radio station.

"This dossier is now being aptly implemented. Many refugees are now safely returning to their homes thanks to the international sponsorship. The US, European and Russian participation is facilitating the return to safe areas, and ensuring the safety of Syrians," the lawmaker added.

As for the formation of the cabinet, Habchi said that the meeting held yesterday between President of the Republic Michel Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, bore promising signs.

"We must welcome all the positive shocks. The nation needs a cabinet to be formed, and the current situation cannot remain indefinitely unchanged, especially with today's living conditions. If a cabinet cannot preserve the actual balances, resolve problems and face the spreading corruption in the country, then it should not be formed. The meeting between the President and the PM-designate exuded positivity and promised changes. Everyone is trying to make alterations to form the cabinet," the MP added.

Furthermore, the lawmaker commented on fears of the normalization of relationships with the Syrian regime by compromising the basics of the political settlement, saying that the political settlement thrived despite all the problems surrounding Lebanon. "As for Syrian refugee issue and their safe return, we have to persist and continue in the intended direction."

"It is not logical to say that discussions with the Syrian regime are a necessity to help the refugees return to their home, for it succeeded without said discussions thanks to international support. Collaborated efforts between Russia and the US, with assistance from Jordan, helped in resolving this issue," Habshi explained.

Source: National News Agency