Finance Minister warns of budget crisis if government not formed soon

Caretaker Minister of Finance, Ali Hassan Khalil, On Tuesday said that Lebanon was ahead of a serious budget predicament if the government was not formed soon.

"If we do not form the government this month, we will face a budget issue," he warned in remarks made to reporters following his meeting with a delegation of the Editors' Syndicate, chaired by Elias Aoun.

"We do not have the luxury of wasting time on the government formation. The country is in dire need of speeding up this process," Khalil said.

He also maintained that a political crisis would break out in the country if an agreement over the Cabinet lineup was not reached.

But Khalil noted that the Prime Minister-designate would engage in a series of contacts, especially with the President of the republic, to accelerate the formation process.

On the fresh UN Security Council's stance on Lebanon, Khalil said: "We do not like the idea of UNSC interference in a domestic dossier such as the government; but out failure to assume our responsibility in that respect allows the others to meddle in our affairs."

The UNSC expressed hope during a closed session yesterday, that a new national unity government would be formed in Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency