National Bloc MPs meet to discuss latest developments

National Bloc' MPs held a meeting on Monday at the residence of former deputy Mershed al-Samad in Dinieh's Bakhoun town, to broach most recent developments in the country.

The meeting was attended by MPs Faisal Karami, Toni Franjieh, Fayez Ghosn, Farid Haykal al-Khazen, Mustafa Husseini, and Istefan Dueihi, in addition to former Minister Yousef Saadeh.

Conferees sounded the alarm on the delay of the birth of the new government, saying Cabinet formation interruption was no longer considered a political crisis, but rather jeopardizes Lebanon at all levels.

The Bloc urged all political officials to shoulder their national duties in this regard, tipping off that any proposal from outside the Constitution and national accords can eliminate the remaining piers of stability.

On the other hand, the bloc beseeched the Lebanese authority to work for the safe return of displaced Syrians to their homeland, under one headline "supreme national interest of both countries and peoples."

The Lawmakers also indicated that the bloc's demand to participate in the national unity government with two ministers stems from the substantive results of the recent parliamentary elections.

Source: National News Agency