An armed man stormed a store and detained a number of hostages in Los Angeles arrested

BAGHDAD, The US police arrested an armed man who stormed a store in the Trader Joe Chain and fortified in it and detained a number of hostages during a police chase after a confrontation lasting more than two hours.

"This person shot at the policemen who were chasing him before entering the store as shoppers ran for cover after the sounds of shooting inside the store," the Los Angeles Times said.

Aerial footage at NBC Los Angeles and CBS Los Angeles showed people fleeing a shop window using a rope ladder and police carrying children to safe places across a parking lot in the Silver Lake neighborhood in Los Angeles.

More than an hour after the start of the confrontation, a few hostages were seen on television leaving the shop from the front door.

The gunman shot his grandmother and girlfriend before fleeing in his car, the CBS Los Angeles station quoted a police source as saying.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency