Oil Expert: Impact Of Demonstrations On Foreign Companies Is Temporary And Will End Soon

Baghdad, Oil expert Hamza al-Jawahri said, "The impact of popular demonstrations against foreign companies temporary and will end soon."

"Every demonstration has temporary impact because it is not the first time people demonstrate in Iraq and the result remains limited impact on foreign oil companies operating in Iraq," he told NINA.

Al-Jawahri added that "demonstrations are a state of absorption for the anger of citizens, especially the unemployed and seekers of services, which is not new and customary in the country."

He added, "These demonstrations are under control, and it is a wave that will end soon because the citizens of the south are not hostile environment to the state or the government and the evidence of that was their contribution to liberate the regions from terrorists and the people there are keen on the unity and cohesion of the country and their demands are legitimate."

Several cities, especially in the southern provinces, witnessed popular demonstrations, some of which led to the siege of oil fields and the headquarters of foreign companies without prejudice to them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency