Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri received this evening at the Center House the head of the Lebanese Forces Party Dr. Samir Geagea accompanied by caretaker Minister MelhemRiachi, in the presence of Minister GhattasKhoury and former MP BassemSabeh.

After the meeting, Geagea said: "The issue, is of course, forming the government, and as far as we are concerned, from the beginning we gave our opinion to the Prime Minister-designate, and since then the matter has been in his hands. I visited the president a week ago and the atmosphere was good with him as well. The President of the Republic, and the Prime Minister- designate have every good intention to form a government as soon as possible, but frankly, there are some political parties who are not helpful nor cooperative. "

He added: "I allow myself to say that if some are betting that the Prime Minister-designate will give up, their bet is a losing one in advance. Let us talk about the possibilities that exist and the ones that do not exist. Saad Hariri will not apologize from forming the government. If some are betting that the Prime Minister-designate will form a government that he is not convinced of, this possibility does not exist. So no giving up, and no formation of a government that the Prime Minister-designate is not personally convinced of.

Therefore, I hope that all political parties will cooperate with the President and the Prime Minister -designate in order to form a government as soon as possible, because the people want a government in Lebanon. This does not mean an unbalanced government that does not give the required image of Lebanon. All these things must be taken into consideration in order to form a government properly.

We have all the confidence in what the Prime Minister-designate is doing and hence the other parties have to cooperate with him so that we reach the desired government."

Question: Some say that after the publication of the Maarab agreement, the jar was broken between you and the Free Patriotic Movement. Will we see you soon with Minister GebranBassil? Is he obstructing?

Geagea: I do not want to mention names. It is true that the agreement was revealed, but that does not mean that it has fallen. On the contrary, we will work every day to expand the Lebanese agreements. Nothing will save us but finding common grounds so that we understand each other better. If each team sticks to its opinion, we will not get anywhere.

Question: What about the shares you demand?

Geagea: The Prime Minister-designate has everything.

Question: If the Maarab agreement is not implemented in this government, will all the elements of the agreement be withdrawn, including the position of the presidency?

Geagea: No, we are far from this perception now. The talk is in one place now, which is how to form a government as soon as possible.

Question: Do you think that the Lebanese Forces made the largest concessions to form the government or are some asking for more concessions?

Geagea: The Lebanese forces made concessions within their capabilities, every person makes concessions within his capabilities.

Question: Sources of the FPM today said that the Lebanese forces should be in the opposition, will we see you in the opposition?

Geagea: Tonight, especially from the Prime Minister-designate's house, I will not enter into any political debates.

Source: National News Agency