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Salame inaugurates Good Governance Forum, says banking sector to remain ‘pioneering’

The Union of Arab Banks inaugurated its forum on Good Governance in Banks and Financial Institutions, organized by the Institute for Finance and Governance (IFG) in Lebanon, under the auspices of Lebanese Central Bank Governor, Riyad Salame, at the IFG campus at ESA school business on Wednesday.

In his speech, Salame underlined that governance had become a key necessity to preserve the integration of the banking and financial sector in the world financial markets.

"Good governance inside baking institutions is a major guarantee of their continuity and success," he said.

"Good governance anchors confidence in the work of banks and improve their ability to attract investments in their expanding projects," he explained.

"The BDL had developed the administrative structure of Lebanon's banking sector. It had ventured into activating the systems of monitoring and good governance," he continued.

"It had also worked on laying all the foundations needed to protect the financial sector in Lebanon," he stressed.

"The Central Bank will carry on assuming its paramount role," he said.

"Lebanon's banking sector shall remain pioneering and exemplary," he vowed.

Source: National News Agency