The Joint Forces Carry Out A Pre-Emptive Operation To Hunt Down Daesh Cells In Tharthar Island

BAGHDAD, The Popular Mobilization Forces and the army on Tuesday carried out a pre-emptive operation to hunt down Daesh cells in Tharthar Island.

"The forces of the second brigade in the popular mobilization, along with the 10th Infantry Division of the Iraqi army, carried out a raid and search operation this morning from the Japanese bridge to Lake of Tharthar, north of Ramadi, in search of sleeping terrorist cells or any suspicious movement," a of the PMF statement said.

The statement added, "The joint forces have fully combed the area within the mechanism of positioning and pre-monitoring the area to impose security and total control over the passable and impassable roads by which infiltrators take out an outlet to carry out their terrorist acts."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency