Rahi from Baabda palace: National unity top priority

Maronite Patriarch Cardinal BesharaRahi highlighted the necessity to preserve national unity as it is a top priority, in remarks made following his meeting with President Michel Aoun at Baabda palace Tuesday.

"What concerns us is the domestic national unity," he said.

"We love diversity and we do not want dualities in order to build this unity," he added.

"President Aoun is a model of optimism and resilience despite difficulties," he underlined, adding that the President does not fear the deterioration of the current situation.

Rahi also indicated that talks with Aoun touched on the delay as to the government formation. Accordingly, the prelate highlighted the necessity to finalize this process especially in light of the conferences held for Lebanon, on top of which CEDRE.

"His Excellency the President reassures that the government will be formed," he said in response to a question.

Asked about a meeting between Caretaker Foreign Minister GebranBassil and Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea in Bkerki, Rahi said "there is no such meeting now."

But he indicated that a meeting with Caretaker Minister MelhemRiachy and MP Ibrahim Kanaan would take place in the next couple of days.

Moreover, the Patriarch said that his visit to Baabda palace was to brief Aoun on his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and Pope Francis.

"Pope Francis has Lebanon among its priorities; the Vatican always calls us to preserve national unity," he said.

Source: National News Agency