Abadi from Diyala: Good Management Of State’s Resources And Properly Guided To Provide Better Services Despite Challenges And Lack Of Resources

BAGHDAD, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the proper management and directing country's resources can provide better services despite the challenges and lack of resources.

Abadi said during the extended meeting with the directors of the districts in the province of Diyala, according to a statement of his media office: "The citizen in the war was patient and sacrificed, but he is waiting for these services and we must listen to the legitimate demands of our people and respond to them, calling for cooperation with the private sector being a key partner," stressing that "the benefits of the peace phase are different and in the forefront of providing a safe environment for reconstruction and companies and provide services and provide employment opportunities."

"We must preserve the unity of the country and we have succeeded in cooperating and supporting with the citizens. This cooperation will continue and we will unite against terrorism and the remaining remnants so that they will not be able to return again," he said.

He called on officials in the government departments to "work with their full powers and make every effort to serve the people of Diyala province."

During the meeting, they discussed the service, health and educational projects, their achievement rates, efforts to restore stability, citizens' needs, the reality of electricity, water, agriculture, roads and various issues and services throughout Diyala province.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency