Defense Minister: Battle Of Intelligence Continues Against Sleeper Terrorist Cells

Baghdad, "The battle of the intelligence is continuing against the sleeper terrorist cells in order to miss the opportunity to carry out their evil intentions against the Iraqi people," Defense Minister Irfan Hayali said.

A statement from the Ministry of Defense said: "Al-Hayali received at his office the representative of the US Geospatial Intelligence Agency Rob Albertes on the occasion of the end of his mission and Rob Staifer, who took over the duties instead., where the Minister praised the distinguished role played by the representative of the Geospatial Intelligence Agency and the cooperation he had shown with the Directorate of Intelligence and Security in providing accurate information and adding it to the national intelligence effort in making the victory over terrorism. "

The minister expressed his hope for the success of the mission of the new representative of the Agency and the development of intelligence cooperation with the countries of the coalition.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency