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Army Commander pursues visit to US, hails Lebanese community

Army Commander General Joseph Aoun said: "We have created a safety valve for Lebanon thanks to our constant efforts to maintain security and stability."

General Joseph Aoun's words came in his address at a reception hosted by the Lebanese Ambassador to the United States, Gabriel Issa, attended by US Ambassador to Lebanon, Elizabeth Richard, and a crowd of the Lebanese community members in the US and American dignitaries.

"We welcome the role of the Lebanese Diaspora in the US... You are ambassadors of your country here," General Aoun addressed the Lebanese emigrants, hailing their significant engagement in the American political and economic life.

He said that the United States, a friendly country of Lebanon, is concerned with Lebanon's stability in the various spheres, and as such does not spare any effort in favor of the Lebanese army.

General Aoun indicated that 90% of aids delivered to the army come from the United States.

Turning to the situation in the region and its repercussions on the Lebanese arena's social, economic and security levels, General Aoun stressed that "the army has created a safety valve for Lebanon and the Lebanese through its continued efforts to maintain security and stability."

"The army will continue to carry out its assigned missions in protecting the borders and internal stability, despite that some are unfortunately skeptical about its role and performance," he corroborated.

"We are armed with our faith in our cause and the love of our people in the pursuit of our missions," he said, saluting all the Lebanese people, in Lebanon and abroad, for their relentless support to the Lebanese army in all its march, most notably during the "Fajr Jouroud" battle.

Source: National News Agency