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Bahrain participates in APA meeting

A parliamentary delegation today represented Bahrain in the meeting of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA)'s Standing Committee on Economic and Sustainable Development Affairs held today in Cyprus.

Head of Shura Council's Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security, Dr. Mohammed Ali Al Khuzaai, stated that the meeting would discuss a number of topics, including the role of Member Parliaments in promoting and implementing the goals of sustainable development, eradication of poverty and the provision of water and sanitation facilities for Asian nations. In addition to the Asian integrated energy market, environmental issues, ways to ensure economic growth, as well as the proposals of Member Parliaments on supporting the implementation of sustainable development goals in Asian countries.

He said the Bahraini delegation would call for unifying Asian stances towards the implementation of sustainable development goals that will contribute to the building of strong and prosperous nations. Furthermore, enhancing security and stability that are the basis of sustainable development.

Source: Bahrain News Agency