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Media Ministers of Member States of Coalition for Supporting the Legitimacy in Yemen hold a meeting in Jeddah 2

Minister of Media Dr. Awwad bin Saleh Al-Awwad added that the coalition has succeeded in restoring and liberating more than 85% of Yemeni territories with its commitment to the rules of engagement, protecting civilians and supporting the Yemeni people and their legitimate government in resisting the aggressors, noting that the coalition has also achieved remarkable victories on various fronts, notably Saada front, the main stronghold of Houthi coup militias and Nahm front, east of the capital Sana'a, where the Coalition has achieved qualitative progress, a number of strategic sites were liberated, roads for supplying militias were cut off, their remnants were besieged, they suffered great losses in lives and equipment, the liberated areas were ensured, and displaced families returned homes.

He added, "In a decisive and crucial step in the military operations, in response to the legitimate Yemeni government, and in support of the National Yemeni Army, the Coalition for Supporting the Legitimacy in Yemen launched a military and humanitarian operation to liberate the port of Hodeidah in western Yemen aiming to stop the smuggling of arms, ensure the security of maritime navigation traffic, facilitate the entry of relief aid to improve living conditions of the brotherly Yemeni people, drain the sources of financing Houthis and pressure them to negotiate seriously and get out of the deadlock being witnessed by the efforts to find a political solution to the crisis to ensure the unity and independence of Yemen and its territorial integrity in accordance with the Gulf initiative, its executive mechanisms, and decisions of the Comprehensive Yemeni National Dialogue Conference and implementation of Security Council resolution 2216.

Dr. Al-Awwad pointed out that the Coalition's support for the legitimacy has not been limited to military operations only, but extended to other economic, security, relief and service aspects, infrastructure development projects, paving roads, rehabilitating ports and increasing their capacity, noting that while coalition fighters support Yemeni National Army operations on various fronts, relief convoys move to promote the assistance of the needy people in various liberated areas, adding that the efforts of the Coalition are not limited to military, political and humanitarian aspects, but include media support in all its traditional and modern means and a high level of mastery in terms of quality of content and compliance with general professional standards based on press and media charters of honor.

Source: Saudi Press Agency