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Karami welcomes Egyptian ambassador: Tripoli will not be scapegoat

Head of the "Karama Movement", MP Faysal Karami received at his residence in Tripoli the Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon, Nazih Al-Najjari, accompanied by Media Advisor at the Embassy Mohammad Musleh, Director of the Middle East News Agency in Beirut, Mohammad Yahya, and Director of Al-Ahram newspaper Abdullatif Nassar.

Discussions touched on Lebanese and regional affairs, as well as Tripoli's overall situation.

The ambassador delivered a statement in the wake of the meeting, whereby he uttered keenness on "making this visit to the ancient city of Tripoli with whose leaders Egypt has historical relations. (...) I am keen on visiting Tripoli on a regular basis and meeting with His Excellency the minister to discuss the conditions of Tripoli and the North and consider Egyptian support for this region, whether in the field of education or development. We are also discussing these matters with others leaders here, and tackling the regional updates that affect Lebanon and the interests of all of us as Arabs."

Karami, in turn, welcomed the ambassador at his home, expressing sincere love for the Egyptian people."

"We discussed international and regional issues, and stressed that we always look forward to an effective Egyptian role as it is today. We tackled the issue of Jerusalem and the transfer of the US Embassy, and praised the Egyptian position in diplomatic corridors and the Egyptian support for Palestine and for its cause."

In response to the issue of forming the government, the share of the national bloc and the share of Tripoli Deputies, Karami responded "We have basically said that we extend our hand to all, and we nominated Premier Saad Hariri on this basis. (...) We represent a broad parliamentary bloc including all sects and regions, and if there truly will be a national unity government, it must then include this bloc."

"We represent a large segment of the people of Tripoli and the north, and there will be no exclusion for us in the government or in any other authority whatsoever. Tripoli will not be a scapegoat after today. They have to realize that things have changed forever," he concluded.

Source: National News Agency