Najaf Airport Administration: 171,000 Pilgrims (visitors) Pass Through The Airport

Najaf, The administration of Najaf International Airport has announced that it will begin receiving the pilgrims of the Arbaeen visit to Imam Hussein who are heading to their countries as from Tuesday evening, announcing that 171,000 pilgrims (visitors) passed through its gate.

Maj. Gen. Shaker al-Subaihawi, director of Najaf International Airport, said in a press statement that "the airport received from the date of 2018/10/11 until 2018/10/29 1135 flights carrying more than 171000 passengers who passed through its gates to visit Imam Ali and then to perform the Arbaeen visit to Imam Hussein.

For its part, the airport operations department said that starting from Tuesday evening, 2018/10/30, receiving the pilgrims who return back to their counties .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency