Mohandes: The PMF Contributed Significantly To Securing And Preventing Aabotage Operations During The Arbaeen Visit

BAGHDAD, "The popular mobilization forces (PMF) has contributed significantly to securing and preventing sabotage operations in the Arbaeen visit," said Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, deputy head of the popular mobilization forces.

He announced in a televised speech "the success of the security and service plan for the Arbaeen visit", thanking the management of the holy shrines in the success of the million visit to Imam Hussein peace be upon him.

He said that "the popular mobilization forces, for the first time, participate in this weight in the implementation of the visit plan and contributed significantly to ensure and prevent the occurrence of sabotage operations," added "We will serve the visitors of Arbaeen until they return to their homes."

"We will remain loyal soldiers to the religious authority, which has the great merit for establishing the popular mobilization forces," he said.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency